System Requirements

A computer running any version of ENVI. (Note: RTWTools will only work in the ‘Classic’ mode of ENVI 5.0 or greater.)


  1. Copy the RTWTools.sav file provided in this zip file to the ENVI save_add directory. This is normally located at C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL708\products\envi46\save_add\
  2. Start ENVI.
  3. You should find a RTWTools menu has appeared on the main ENVI menubar.

Note: If you are upgrading from a previous installation of RTWTools you may find that you end up with two RTWTools menus on the ENVI menu bar. To solve this, open the file in C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL708\products\envi46\menu and delete all the lines below 0 {RTWTools}.

Support Support for RTWTools is available from the author, to a limited extent. It should be remembered that the author is in the process of studying for a PhD, and therefore does not have unlimited time. A RTWTools Google Group is available at, and all questions, bug reports and feature requests should be directed there.